Bose A20 Headset Review

30th March 2017 Review

Welcome to the Bose A20 Headset Review. We will explain some of the features and give you our thoughts of the product.


Features Explained

Active Noise Reduction

ANR increases the effective noise attenuation of a headset when turned on, in addition to the headsets natural passive noise attenuation. When turned on a microphone, typically placed on the outside of ear-cup, picks up ambient noise. That information is transmitted to the headset’s electronics which drive a speaker inside the ear-cup, to produce a noise that is the exact mirror image of the original noise. In other words the trough of one sound wave (the noise caused by the propeller) corresponds to the crest of another (the antiphase created by the headset). The noise and antiphase noise cancel each other out.


The Bluetooth interface allows you to connect to your peripheral navigation devices, such as ForeFlight or SkyDemon as well as taking calls or listening to music from your phone.

Customisable audio prioritisation control: lets you mute an audio signal when receiving a communication, or mix the two together.

High-performance microphone: clear audio with active equalisation. The microphone is adjustable and may be connected to either ear-cup, to suit your preference.

Cable In-Line

Optional coiled cable which reduces cockpit clutter, great for helicopters or more confined environments.

The smart shutoff system helps to provide at least 45 hours of use from just two AA alkaline batteries. These are located in the slim in-line control module which also controls all additional functions of the headset.


Headset weights in at 340 g and there is a five-year transferable limited warranty which covers parts, labour and return delivery expenses for non-abuse malfunctions, nice to know.


Bose A20 Headset Review


The headset is both light and well made without too much clamping force against the skull. This is bound to lead to more comfortable extended flights out for the $100 hamburger (or tepid coffee in the uk!). The ear cups themselves are soft, and sit well against the jaw/skull interface which always seems difficult to seal, not so here with the Bose A20. The headset carry bag is cheap feeling (usual for all headset bags) but does the job and the nylon construction is sure to be sturdy and do the job of protecting your investment.



Audio quality and clarity is as you’d expect from Bose and the ANR is very accomplished which leaves you free to enjoy the Stick and Rudder flying. Connecting your phone via Bluetooth is no more arduous than usual with this technology and the connection strength is solid. Hearing your GPS navigation software such as ForeFlight or SkyDemon directly is great to increase situational awareness and for picking up any alerts if you stray from your intended routing.



The Bose A20 uses two standard AA batteries. Battery life depends on how much you are using the headsets, if you are using the Bluetooth feature it will use batteries a bit faster. Average life for two alkaline batteries is about 45 hours. There is a battery indicator that tells you when the batteries are getting low. If the AA batteries die, the headsets will still work as normal passive noise headsets. You just will not get the active noise cancellation functionality or Bluetooth feature, you will still be able to transmit and receive.



If you need to know more about any of the features mentioned here, check out our Pilot Headset Buyers Guide, giving information on ANR, Plug types and much more.



In the box you’ll get: A20 Aviation Headset, In-line clothing clip, Control module, 2 AA batteries, Aux-in cable adapter, Carrying cas



We hope you have enjoyed the Bose A20 Headset Review.


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