British Gliding Association: Introduction
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British Gliding Association: Introduction

British Gliding Association


The British Gliding Association (BGA) is the governing body for gliding in the United Kingdom. British Gliding Association

The BGA still has the authority to manage most aspects of gliding in the UK though the European Aviation Safety Agency is gradually causing greater regulation. Consequently, British glider pilots do not need a licence awarded by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) until 2018.

Instructors and pupil pilots are trained to BGA standards; annual inspections of gliders are done by engineers authorised by the BGA, whose qualifications are accepted by the CAA. Since September 2008 all gliders have a full CAA registration and airworthiness checks to EASA standards, excepbgabgat for a number of mainly vintage and one-off types which remain under BGA control (Permit).

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