David Clark ONE-X Review

5th April 2019 Review

Welcome to the PropellerSeller.com David Clark ONE-X Review. We will explain some of the features and give you our thoughts of the product.


Features Explained


Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancellation Technology

The David Clark ONE-X headset has Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Technology (ENC) with feedforward and feed-back technology, delivering active noise reduction. Feed-forward noise cancelling is managed through an exterior microphone in the ear dome that is isolated from the speaker. The exterior microphone acquires the noise before it gets to the ear. Feed-back noise cancelling is performed by the internal microphone placed near the speaker. The signals are then inverted to produce a reverse, ‘anti-noise’ signal. This hybrid technology results in great active noise reduction performance.


The Bluetooth interface allows you to connect to your peripheral navigation devices, such as ForeFlight or SkyDemon as well as taking calls or listening to music from your phone.

Use of the Bluetooth means you can connect your mobile phone while plugged into the aircraft intercom. All intercom participants hear phone calls but the recipient’s voice is heard only by the headset connected to the phone. Briefly pressing the Bluetooth button will answer or terminate a call, phone audio is not muted when receiving a transmission from ATC or intercom, which doesn’t match competing headset features.

Cable In-Line

The DC ONE-X headset is shipped with the Auto Shutoff feature off, in this mode the Hybrid ENC will be on whenever the power is on. When Auto Shutoff is set to on the headset will turn off automatically after 5 minutes when the Intercom/audio panel turned off, it’s not connected to the audio panel, it’s not in a phone call. The Auto shutoff can be turned on/off via a small switch located under the batteries. The batteries are located in the slim in-line control module which also controls all additional functions of the headset.


Headset weights in at 350g and there is a five-year limited warranty with many repairs are covered under warranty.


David Clark ONE-X Review


The DC ONE-X comfort is afforded with a fabric head pad which manages heat and moisture, provides great comfort during longer flights. The headset fitting system is designed for a simple and comfortable fit. Proper fit is necessary for maximum effectiveness. The headset should be worn so that the head pad lightly touches the top of the head. Adjust the sliding assembly on each side as necessary to suit your preference. The ultra-soft memory foam of the ear seal will mould to the sides of your head and provides an adequate seal. To adjust the microphone one simply moves the fully adjustable boom as necessary. Ideal microphone placement is 0.5cm (1/8”) from the lips, as this will provide maximum intelligibility and ambient noise rejection.


DC ONE-X delivers great ENC performance over a broad range of low frequencies, whilst the ear cups block out high frequency noise effectively. Connecting your phone via Bluetooth is no more arduous than usual with this technology and the connection strength is solid. Hearing your GPS navigation software such as ForeFlight or SkyDemon directly is great to increase situational awareness and for picking up any alerts if you stray from your intended routing.


The DC ONE-X uses two standard AA batteries. Battery life depends on how much you are using the headsets, if you are using the Bluetooth feature it will use batteries a bit faster and DC quote 50hrs life. If the AA batteries die, the headsets will still work as normal passive noise headsets. You will not get the active noise cancellation functionality or Bluetooth feature but you will still be able to transmit and receive. There is no battery level indication.



If you need to know more about any of the features mentioned here, check out our Pilot Headset Buyers Guide, giving information on ANR, Plug types and much more.


In the box you’ll get: DC ONE-X Headset, Carrying case, cord clip, two AA batteries


We hope you have enjoyed the David Clark ONE-X Review.


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