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Eurocopter EC135T2+ CPDS

Posted 4M 9D 23hrs 32mins ago 3,485 Views Aeroplane
It is possible to buy the helicopter in EMS or Utility configuration.  Production date: July 2006  T.S.N.: 2380 hours  Engine Time T.S.N.: 2380 / 2380 hours  Cycles N1: 2062 / 2098  Cycles N2: 51
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R 44 Clipper 2

Posted 5M 9D 23hrs 34mins ago 2,236 Views Aeroplane
Year 2008 Airframe T.S.N: 1772,4 Hours  Engine type: IO-540-AE1A5  Engine T.S.N.: 1772,4 Hours  Air conditioning  The helicopter is in very good conditions, immediately available, inspection is po
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Robinson R66

Posted 6M 4D 17hrs 31mins ago 2,329 Views Aeroplane
Year: 2013 Airframe T.S.N: 228,70 Hours Engine T.S.N.: 228,70 Hours AIR CONDITIONING INSTL COMPASS INSTL-VERT CARD, 28V ALTIMETER (MIL) CONSOLE (9 Hole, 28V, R66) RG-325 BATTERY 24v, 25ah ATT HORIZ
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Eurocopter Super Puma

Posted 3Yrs 2M 14D 23hrs 43mins ago 1,334 Views Aeroplane
Test Listing Welcome to PropellerSeller.com Aviation Listings. Our aim is to serve aviation enthusiasts and businesses to help everyone get the most from their passion for flight. Here at Propeller
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