VFR Radiotelephony (RTF) simulator on your Windows 10 PC

CV5 9QG Unknown
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PilotRadioVFR – VFR Radiotelephony (RTF) simulator on your Windows 10 PC.


This application uses speech recognition and speech synthesis to simulate radio communication between a light aircraft pilot under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Air Traffic Services (ATS).
It goes from an introduction to the phonetic alphabet all the way to complex interactions requesting traffic services etc.


Available from the Microsoft Store (just search for PilotRadioVFR). A Free 7 day trial, then if you like it, it’s only £2.50 to keep!


A fun way to learn about RTF (not an official training aid).



Aircraft Details
Listing Category Pilot Training (PPL)
Distance: Unknown
Address CV5 9QG
Engine Details
Propeller Details

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