Carbone propellers for Rotax engine

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We have conventional propellers variable pitch on the ground.
We improve them for 20 years and achieved some success.
Saber propeller works well in a vortex pushing the X-32 and X-34 aircraft powerplant. German plane СT-SW with a propeller diameter of 1700 mm and an engine Rotax-912-80 easy to reach speeds of 250-270 km/h. Installation of the propeller diameter of 1600 mm for engines Rotax-503 gave a thrust increase of 25-29 kg. Propeller diameter 1750 mm is the most popular for the Rotax-912-100. Saber propeller diameter of 1840 mm has proven itself in the Savage aircraft. He is certified in Germany for this aircraft.
Now we have launched the production of variable-pitch propellers and propellers for Lycoming.
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