Jabiru UL450 - Share of aircraft & Hangar £4500

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One Fifth share of a UL450 Jabiru microlight and its hangar available, based at a long grass strip west of Winchester.

The aircraft is meticulously maintained and cared for by the original owner who is the principal group member. Recurring costs are £45 per month which covers hangarage, insurance, maintenance etc etc and £40 per hour flown (this figure is wet, fuel is provided in the hangar).

The group is very friendly and easy going, with an online booking system to ensure no clashes of interest. In my experience of flying with the group, no problems have ever arisen with getting the aircraft when I wanted it!

Please contact me for further information…..the Group Share price is £4500 which buys you one fifth of an aeroplane and its hangar (Note: if the aircraft (and/or hangar) is ever sold or written off you receive one fifth of the value).

Contact the advertiser Contact Details 07581 237811

Aircraft Details
Build Category
Amateur Built
Aircraft Condition
Previously Enjoyed
Certificate of Airworthiness / Permit to Fly
Permit to Fly
CofA / Permit Expiry Date
8th June 2018 08:55
Aircraft Build Year
Max T/O Weight
450 kg
Aircraft Registration
Group / Share Aircraft
Engine Details
Start Type
Electric Start
Fuel System
Fuel Type
Max Continuous Power (hp)
Propeller or Rotor Details
Propeller or Rotor Type
Fixed Pitch
Propeller or Rotor Construction
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Item located in Winchester United Kingdom

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