Garmin GTN 750

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The Garmin GTN 750 GPS receiver is six inches tall, and is a touchscreen Garmin GPS receiver that offers COMM, NAV and GPS features. The large display and highly responsive touchscreen provides easy access to graphical flight planning, terrain mapping, and traffic display. Geo-referenced charting and satellite weather information is also supported. Moreover, this Garmin GPS receiver makes communication easier with its VHF communications transceiver, providing a standard 10 watts of output power. In addition, the system of this Garmin GPS receiver is pilot-selectable to 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing. User can easily set their standby frequencies with the GTN 750 GPS receiver by making use of the number pad on the screen. The high-resolution terrain mapping and other features offered by this Garmin GTN GPS receiver make it possible for those in the cockpit to stay aware of every situation and to be prepared for any eventuality. The terrain mapping element includes topography features, airports, cities, terminal areas and SUAs. Lastly, the optional alerting functionality offered by this Garmin GTN GPS receiver makes it possible for users to find safe airspace easily. Very much complete and ready to install.

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25th June 2019 21:45
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